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There are numerous theories and disagreement concerning both, the origin of Sun Tzu and his famous book Art of War. 2500 years has gone and no-one remembers for sure. Nevertheless it has given a good opportunity to smart people - they read, think and learn, and then publish their own books around the topic and make some nice profit out of it.

Art of War books

Imagine you win a lottery. Would extra money make a difference to your lifestyle? Would you spend it on books? If so, here's a small list of mouth-watering books for an advanced reader and an enthusiast-philosopher:

  1. 52 Brilliant Ideas - The Art of War interpretation by Karen McCreadie.
  2. The Art of War for Managers - 50 strategic rules for today's business.
  3. Sun Tzu Was a Sissy - Conquer Your Enemies, by Stanley Bing.
  4. The Art of War - Translation by Lionel Giles.
  5. The Art of War - Translation by Lionel Giles, a public domain book.
  6. The Art of War - Translation by Ralph D. Sawyer, History & Warfare.
  7. The Art of War - Translation by Samuel B. Griffith.
  8. The Art of War - Translation by Samuel B. Griffith, The Art of Wisdom.

The Art of War by Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu's The Art of War is an ancient treatise on military strategy dating back to late-sixth century B.C. China. Its 13 chapters provide enumerated reflections and lessons on practical tactics to give readers an edge over their adversaries. While The Art of War has served military figures throughout history, from Napolean to General Douglas MacArthur, in the 20th century it gained notoriety outside of actual combat. It is now considered one of the most inspirational and informative texts for business management throughout the world...

The Art of War by Sun Tzu: Vook Classics. Kindle Edition. Sun Tzu (Author), Vook (Author). ASIN: B005F72GZA.

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The Art of War by Sun Tzu - Classic Collector's Edition

This collectible edition of "The Art of War by Sun Tzu" presents these timeless instructions regarding military strategy and managing conflict in two complete versions, with over 260 pages of content. A modern introduction, tracing the origins of "The Art of War" and its historical and cultural importance, firmly grounds the reader in the context with which the oldest book on military strategy has survived the ages, as well as contemporary examples of its continued use...

The Art of War by Sun Tzu - Classic Collector's Edition: Includes The Classic Giles and Full Length Translations. Sun Tzu (Author). ISBN-10: 1934255157. ISBN-13: 978-1934255155.

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The Art of War - Sun Tzu

Written in China more than 2,000 years ago, Sun Tzu's classic The Art of War is the first known study of the planning and conduct of military operations. These terse, aphoristic essays are unsurpassed in comprehensiveness and depth of understanding, examining not only battlefield maneuvers, but also relevant economic, political, and psychological factors. Indeed, the precepts outlined by Sun Tzu can be applied outside the realm of military theory. It is read avidly by Japanese businessmen and in fact was touted in the movie Wall Street as the corporate raider's bible...

The Art of War. Sun Tzu (Author). ISBN-10: 1936041758. ISBN-13: 978-1936041756.

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The Art of War, translated by Thomas Cleary

Thomas Cleary's translation of Sun Tzu's 2,000-year-old Art of War makes immediately relevant one of the greatest Chinese classical texts. There's not a dated maxim or vague prescription in it. ‘To win without fighting is best,’ Sun Tzu said. For him, war was coeval with life. Absorb this book, and you can throw out all those contemporary books about management leadership. This illustrated edition includes two audio CDs read by Lloyd James. This volume of ancient Chinese wisdom is consistently rated higher than most modern leadership books...

The Art of War [Abridged] [Hardcover] Sun Tzu (Author), Thomas Cleary (Translator). ISBN-10: 1590307437. ISBN-13: 978-1590307434.

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Sun Tzu: The Art of War, Restored Translation

THE ART OF WAR is the oldest, and is still regarded as one of the best, war manuals ever written. One of the better unannotated Lionel Giles translations, to be sure. And even though the lack of annotation means that you don't get the full richness of Giles' (and that of the ancient Chinese commentators he regularly quotes) nuanced (and sometimes corrective) interpretation; sometimes the footnotes/mixed-in annotations have a way of distracting the mind from The Art of War proper itself...

Sun Tzu: The Art of War (Restored Translation) [Paperback] Sun Tzu (Author), Lionel Giles (Translator). ISBN-10: 1453875182. ISBN-13: 978-1453875186.

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Understanding Sun Tzu on the Art of War

Understanding Sun Tzu on the Art of War is both a source and an interpretation of Sun Tzu's Art of War written to clarify Sun Tzu's philosophies on war without compromising the subtlety of thought needed to master them. Readers of this book, from across professional disciplines, will find key advice on leadership, advantage, and how to proficiently overcome adversaries. Understanding Sun Tzu on the Art of War contains a complete translation of Sun Tzu's Art of War. The book is in use by the National Defense University and the U.S. Naval War College for strategy courses taught to senior military officers...

Understanding Sun Tzu on the Art of War [Paperback]. Robert Cantrell (Author). ISBN-10: 0972291407. ISBN-13: 978-0972291408.

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The Art of Warfare (Classics of Ancient China)

This is an essential text for any library with a research collection in Chinese history and philosophy, as it is the first translation of the military/philosophy work Sun-tzu ping fa to incorporate the five chapters unearthed by archaeologists in 1972 at Yin-chueh-shan in Shantung province, China. It is also the first English translation to use the 13-chapter version of Sun-tzu found in that same dig dated 1000 years prior to previously available texts. The translator, who heads the University of Hawai'i's Center for Chinese Studies, provides an elucidating introduction to the text, the excavations, and the authorship of Sun-tzu and describes its import as a philosophical text...

The Art of Warfare (Classics of Ancient China) [Hardcover]. Sun Tzu (Author), Roger T. Ames (Translator, Introduction). ISBN-10: 034536239X. ISBN-13: 978-0345362391.

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Sun Tzu For Success

By exploring the basic components of The Art of War, this guide to personal development and success shows you how to unleash your full potential, triumph over adversity, and achieve long-term goals. A brilliant, practical companion for your success! Michaelson takes the principles of Sun Tzu and wraps around them the basic drivers of success: planning, persistence, discipline, etc. In the end, we realize that we hadn't heard anything that we'd previously not known - rather, it was simply being iterated in a much more effective way...

Sun Tzu For Success: How to Use the Art of War to Master Challenges and Accomplish the Important Goals in Your Life [Paperback] Gerald Michaelson (Author), Steven Michaelson (Author). ISBN-10: 1580627765. ISBN-13: 978-1580627764.

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The Art of War by Sun Tzu

The Art of War is the Swiss army knife of military theory--pop out a different tool for any situation. Folded into this small package are compact views on resourcefulness, momentum, cunning, the profit motive, flexibility, integrity, secrecy, speed, positioning, surprise, deception, manipulation, responsibility, and practicality. Thomas Cleary's translation keeps the package tight, with crisp language and short sections. Commentaries from the Chinese tradition trail Sun-tzu's words, elaborating and picking up on puzzling lines. Take the solitary passage: "Do not eat food for their soldiers..."

The Art of War [Paperback] Sun Tzu (Author). ISBN-10: 161382288X. ISBN-13: 978-1613822883.

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El Arte de la Guerra

El tratado militar más antiguo del mundo, fue compilado por el sabio y estratega chino Sun Tzu alrededor del año 500 a.C. Divulgado en la lengua inglesa por el sinólogo Lionel Giles, a principios del siglo xx, desde los tiempos antiguos ha sido de gran utilidad a militares, políticos, estrategas, emprendedores, y estudiosos de la teoría del juego. En sus páginas, los principios que rigen la competencia, y que conducen a los generales preparados a la victoria, son expuestos en trece capítulos, que abarcan desde la planificación de los objetivos, las disposiciones tácticas y maniobras, hasta las nueve situaciones de batalla y el uso de espías. “La excelencia suprema, no consiste en destruir al enemigo, sino en romper su resistencia sin luchar”...

El Arte de la Guerra. El tratado militar más antiguo del mundo (Spanish Edition) [Paperback] Sun Tzu (Author). ISBN-10: 1480099740. ISBN-13: 978-1480099746.

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Sun Tzu's The Art of War (Infinite Success)

Karen McCreadie is a freelance writer who specialises in ghost-writing books. She formerly worked in marketing and the personal development industry. Karen has written books for multi-millionaire businessmen, CEOs and international speakers on topics ranging from sales, coaching and wealth creation to the mind/body connection and psychological profiling. This book is called "The Art of War" but really, the few quotes presented seem to be a gimmick for the author to present some rather unoriginal advice for business professionals. Another stratagem...

Sun Tzu's The Art of War (Infinite Success) [Kindle Edition]. ASIN: B004FEF6ME.

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The art of war =: [Sun-tzu ping fa]

An illuminating new look at the classic primer on warfare. Distinguishing itself from many previous versions, this contemporary translation of Sun-Tzu's landmark text acknowledges the work first and foremost as a masterpiece of military strategy. Translator Ralph Sawyer provides the most detailed introduction and commentary yet offered on the text, its author, and his age. Get inside the head of Sun-Tzu, and find out which significant historical battles influenced his thinking...

The art of war =: [Sun-tzu ping fa] [Hardcover] Sun-tzu (Author). ISBN-10: 1566192986. ISBN-13: 978-1566192989.

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The 48 Laws of Power

Amoral, cunning, ruthless, and instructive, this piercing work distills three thousand years of the history of power in to forty-eight well explicated laws. As attention-grabbing in its design as it is in its content, this bold volume outlines the laws of power in their unvarnished essence, synthesizing the philosophies of Machiavelli, Sun-tzu, Carl von Clausewitz, and other great thinkers. Some laws teach the need for prudence ("Law 1: Never Outshine the Master"), the virtue of stealth ("Law 3: Conceal Your Intentions"), and many demand the total absence of mercy ("Law 15: Crush Your Enemy Totally"), but like it or not, all have applications in real life...

The 48 Laws of Power [Paperback]. ISBN-10: 0140280197. ISBN-13: 978-0140280197.

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The Art of War, translation by John Minford

For more than two thousand years, Sun-Tzu's The Art of War has provided military leaders with essential advice on battlefield tactics, managing troops and terrain, and employing cunning and deception. An elemental part of Chinese culture, it has also become a touchstone for the Western struggle for survival and success, whether in battle, in business, or in relationships. With this volume's crisp, accessible translation and lively, learned introduction, even those readers familiar with The Art of War will experience it anew, finding it more fascinating-and more chilling-than ever...

The Art of War (Penguin Classics) [Paperback] Sun-tzu (Author), John Minford (Editor, Translator, Introduction). ISBN-10: 0141045272. ISBN-13: 978-0143105756.

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The Art of War: The Ancient Classic

The original and bestselling leadership book! Sun Tzu's ideas on survival and success have been read across the world for centuries. Today they can still be applied to business, politics and life. The Art of War demonstrates how to win without conflict. It shows that with enough intelligence and planning, it is possible to conquer with a minimum of force and little destruction. This luxury hardback edition includes an introduction by Tom Butler-Bowdon that draws out lessons for managers and business leaders, and highlights the power of Sun Tzu's thinking in everyday life...

The Art of War: The Ancient Classic (Capstone Classics) [Hardcover] Sun Tzu (Author), Tom Butler-Bowdon (Introduction). ISBN-10: 0857080091. ISBN-13: 978-0857080097.

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The Art of War by Sun Tzu - Special Edition

This special edition of "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu presents three complete versions of the classic text: in Chinese, in English, and fully annotated. Section I contains the complete 13 chapters of Sun Tzu's masterpiece in Chinese together with the facing page English translation by Lionel Giles, without notes or commentary. This presentation avoids the objection that commentary tends to clutter and obscure the clarity of thought of the ancient military genius. Section II contains the complete annotated translation by Lionel Giles, with explanatory notes and critical commentary. It includes an historical account of Sun Tzu's work, evaluations by Chinese commentators, an essay examining the traditional Chinese attitudes toward war and a bibliography that details Giles' source materials...

The Art of War by Sun Tzu - Special Edition [Paperback] Sun Tzu (Author), James H. Ford (Editor), Shawn Conners (Editor), Lionel Giles (Translator). ISBN-10: 0976072696. ISBN-13: 978-0976072690.

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The Art of War: The Definitive Interpretation

Sun Tzu's Art of War is perhaps the best known and highly regarded treatise on strategy ever written. Although its wisdom is over two thousand years old, its principles are timeless for today's boardroom battlefields. Thirteen sections present incisive strategems from assessing the foe to proper treatment of troops to espionage. Hanshi Steve Kaufman, the widely acknowledged "Founding Father" of American Karate, translates this classic with respect for its powerful martial applications. Kaufman packs the power of the original text into straightforward prose for the benefits of all martial artists and corporate warriors...

The Art of War: The Definitive Interpretation of Sun Tzu's Classic Book of Strategy [Paperback] Stephen F. Kaufman (Author). ISBN-10: 0804830800. ISBN-13: 978-0804830805.

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Sun Tzu and the Art of Modern Warfare

Long acknowledged as a classic text on strategy, Sun Tzu's The Art of War has been admired by leaders as diverse as Mao Zedong and General Norman Schwartzkopf. However, written two thousand years ago, the book can be somewhat daunting to the modern reader. Now Mark McNeilly, author of Sun Tzu and the Art of Business, which made Sun Tzu accessible to the business executive, has extracted the six concepts most applicable to modern warfare, making them easy to understand and apply to military situations. Drawing on a wealth of fascinating historical examples, McNeilly shows how these six principles might be used in wars of the future-both conventional wars and terrorist conflicts-and how they can provide insight into current affairs, such as the war on terrorism and China's increasingly important strategic and military role in the world...

Sun Tzu and the Art of Modern Warfare [Paperback] Mark McNeilly (Author). ISBN-10: 0195161084. ISBN-13: 978-0195161083.

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The Art of War - Sun Tzu's Classic in Plain English

Book One of The Warrior Series Sun Tzu and Sun Pin's timeless strategic masterpieces are constantly analyzed and interpreted by leaders worldwide. For the first time ever, author D.E. Tarver explains the classic texts, The Art of War by Sun Tzu and The Art of Warfare by Sun Pin, in plain English. D.E. Tarver holds black belts ranging from second to seventh degree in seven different styles of Japanese and Filipino martial arts. He has taught martial arts and strategy for twenty years. Since his honorable discharge from the Marines, Tarver has spent time in Japan and the United States. Tarver's lifetime of experience in sword training, martial arts and business makes this version of The Art of War a highly motivating and easy to understand book...

The Art of War - Sun Tzu's Classic in Plain English With Sun Pin's : The Art of Warfare [Paperback] Sun Tzu (Author), Sun Pin (Author), D. E. Tarver (Author). ISBN-10: 0595224725. ISBN-13: 978-0595224722.

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Sun Tzu: Art of War, Minature Book

A mini version of a top selling book! A tour de force. Sawyer puts this most famous of the classic Chinese military writings into context and shows that Sun-tzu was not just a solitary genius, but the product of a remarkably rich martial culture. The Art of War fills a serious gap for anyone interested in the history of ancient warfare, an ultimate fascinating book. There are two critical things to consider when deciding to purchase a book such as the Art of War: the first being the content / author of the book and the second being the translator. This book deserves 5 stars for both...

Sun Tzu: Art of War, Minature Book by Miniature Book Collection Translated By Ralph D Sawyer. ASIN: B008AYZSBO. UPC: 714617026840.

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Art of War: Sun Tzu Strategy Card Deck

The Art of War: Sun Tzu Strategy Card Deck is a playing card deck made from casino grade card stock that describes 54 of the most important strategic principles competitors use to win and why the strategies work. Top flight military schools, to include the National Defense University at Ft. McNair, Washington D.C., use these cards in their training programs. Top businesses and law firms have also adopted the cards for strategy planning and brainstorming. The situation is critical. Which card will you pla..y?

Art of War: Sun Tzu Strategy Card Deck: 54 Winning Strategies [Cards] Robert Cantrell (Author). ISBN-10: 0972291482. ISBN-13: 978-0972291484.

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