The Art of War by Ralph D. Sawyer

Sun Tzu books - The Art of War (History & Warfare), a new translation by Ralph D. Sawyer.

The Art Of War - History & Warfare, Ralph D. Sawyer.

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The Art of War (History & Warfare) Ralph D. Sawyer

The Art of War is almost certainly the most famous study of strategy ever written and has had an extraordinary influence on the history of warfare. The principles Sun-tzu expounded were utilized brilliantly by such great Asian war leaders as Mao Tse-tung, Giap, and Yamamoto. First translated two hundred years ago by a French missionary, Sun-tzu’s Art of War has been credited with influencing Napoleon, the German General Staff, and even the planning for Desert Storm. Many Japanese companies make this book required reading for their key executives... A new translation by Ralph D. Sawyer.

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Book: The Art of War (History & Warfare). Author: Sun Tzu. Translator: Ralph D. Sawyer. Code: ISBN-10: 081331951X, ISBN-13: 978-0813319513. Category: Books.

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